Friday, September 6, 2013

September is full of GREAT EVENTS! And THANKS!!!

Up front and foremost we want to continue to thank our fans, friends and family who help us make what we do a lot more easier and down right fun! We love to hear the great comments, memories and stories you have at each show. There are many instances that we notice the love of our music reaching beyond heights unimaginable. To this day we still get e-mails from countries abroad who play our material, ask for pictures or want an autographed CD to hopefully make a nice coffee table topic (though sometimes we think the coffee cup may have a perfect spot to rest on). Regardless of your Cedar Creek moment, thank you! New ideas are coming soon!

Now for September. This is going to be a month of music!! From 5K's to bowling alleys to special events to huge venues September has got it all. The month starts with a great family event to support VCU MASSEY CANCER CENTER followed by UPTOWN ALLEY, THE AMAZING RAISE 5K, A PRIVATE WEDDING EVENT, SHARKY'S X 2 and then PHASE II in Lynchburg, Va. Wow! Check out our schedule page for all info. ;o)


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